Long-term Strategy:

RMC is creating a portfolio for direct participation in the life cycle of oil and natural gas reserves and production. Currently, we are invested in and operate multiple companies, from early stage exploration to general production enhancement, that ultimately yield returns in a tax efficient manners.  Each business develops assets that consist of long-lived, stable and low decline production profiles.

We tend to work best with investors who see the benefit of establishing relationships with managers who have a cost bearing interest.  While we have a great track record of rapidly growing production and reserves, we do not subscribe to the idea of growth at any cost.

Target Investments:

  • Bolt-on acquisitions to acreage in current investments
  • Out-of-favor basins and distressed assets
  • Create opportunities from restructuring and divestitures
  • Use proven technologies in new areas or novel ways to create value
  • Establish long-term relationships with younger management teams

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